The company for Luftkissentechnik Schweitzer is offering you the following services

– Air cushion elements
– Air cushion systems and installations according to your demands
– General overhaul and backfitting of old air cushion transporters by ANY producer
– Backfitting of the air cushion transporters to radio control and automatic height regulation
– Maintenance and reparation works for your air cushion installations
– Consultation, also on the ground
– Reparation of air cushion elements and components by any producer. A repaired air cushion can absolutely be equated with a new air cushion
– Every replacement part for your installation is of best quality

We assure you of:

– Professional reparations of the air cushion elements and components
– very short dates of delivery and last but not least
– low prices.

Air cushion transporter for transformers. here a load of about 20 tons.
Control desk