Bad ground conditions? – The problem is solved fast and cheap with covering mats!

Covering mats… also adopted for large surfaces and long roadways!
Dimensions up to breadth 5 m and length 120 m

For the adoption of air cushion transports on a ground bearing many joints, flaws, gaps or that has got a respectively coarse surface, we would recommend our covering mats.
To traverse a gap or an expansion joint sheet panels are also adopted. For long distances the covering mats are much cheaper and easier used than sheet panels.

Covering Mats:
–    The covering mats are soft on BOTH sides; i.e. both sides are adopted for air cushion transports.
–    Adopted for outdoor and indoor usage
–    Rollable, hence easy handled and stored
–    Many air cushion transports are possible with only 2 covering mats
–    Stable to many chemicals