Basic Air Cushion Systems

For moving a load fast and uncomplicated, we offer you the following basic moving systems:

With that you can move loads of 500 kg to about 100 – 200 tons. These systems normally contain 4 or 6 air cushions, but can be expanded according to the customer’s specification.

They consist of:

1.    Air Cushion units:
4 (6) air cushion elements
4 (6) carrier plates with clutches and corner columns
Everything is already completely installed

2.    Control Desk
4 (6) pieces, pressure controller / manometer
4 (6) pieces, quick-lock couplings 1/2”
1 piece, quick-lock coupling 1”
1 piece, ball stop valve 1”
1 piece, manometer for operating pressure

3.    Hosing Material
4 (6) pieces, connection hoses, about 5 m length with quick-lock couplings
1 piece, main hose, about 30 m length with quick-lock couplings
All hoses can, on demand, also be delivered in other lengths.

Basic means of transport for loads of 500 kg to 100.000 kg
4 pcs. System
6 pcs. System